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Carranza Loft - Where Tradition Meets Excellence

In the world of racing pigeon breeding, tradition carries immense weight. The long-established methods of selecting, breeding, and caring for these remarkable birds have been passed down through generations. At Carranza Loft, we respect and value this tradition, seamlessly blending it with modern science to achieve outstanding results.

Tradition, for us, means honoring the time-tested methods of pigeon selection. This primarily involves observing phenotypes — the visible physical traits and characteristics of our birds. Our careful observation process considers a variety of traits. From the moment we hold a pigeon, we look for strong vent bones, strong wings, a balanced and aerodynamic body, and flexible feathers. We scrutinize clean, well-structured throats, well-ventilated last four flights on the wing, strong backs, and straight keels. The pigeon's vitality and its unique personality are also elements that we enjoy observing.

Performance plays a significant role in our selection process. We highly value pigeons that have demonstrated outstanding results in competition. We closely mimic the training and feeding methods used in one loft races at the club level, testing our birds' ability to outperform their competitors under similar conditions. If our pigeons excel against other birds who have strategic advantages such as specialized training and better supplements, we pay closer attention to them.

A pigeon that proves itself with great consistent performance has to pass the next phase — proving its worth as a breeder. This is crucial because being a great racer doesn't automatically translate into being an excellent breeder, and vice versa. This dual evaluation process helps us identify only the most promising pigeons for our breeding program before we offer their offspring for sale.

The traditional approach at Carranza Loft provides us with immediate, observable information about a pigeon's potential. It represents the love of the sport and the deep respect we have for the craftsmanship involved in racing pigeon breeding.

However, tradition is only half the story. At Carranza Loft, we seamlessly blend traditional wisdom with scientific understanding, employing advanced genetic testing to further refine our selection process. If you're curious to know more about the scientific aspects of our breeding program, we invite you to continue reading in our next article focused on our scientific approach.

For now, we celebrate the age-old practices that form the foundation of our work, paying homage to the countless pigeon racers and breeders who have shaped this sport over the centuries. In embracing tradition, we continue a lineage of excellence, offering you pigeons that embody the best of both worlds – the time-honored and the cutting-edge.

This is Carranza Loft, where tradition meets excellence. Stay tuned for our next article, where we unlock the science behind our breeding success.

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