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Terms & Conditions

Introduction: This Co-Breeding Program is designed exclusively for distinguished pigeon breeders who have achieved significant milestones in the field of pigeon racing. By submitting an application to participate in the Carranza Loft Co-Breeding Program (the "Program"), you confirm your interest in partnering with Carranza Loft for the advancement of the sport of pigeon racing.


Eligibility for participation in the Program is at the discretion of Carranza Loft. All applications are subject to review by our team and only selected applicants will be contacted for further discussion.

Responsibility of Applicants

Applicants agree to provide accurate and complete information in their applications. False or misleading information can result in exclusion from the Program.

Purpose of the Program

The Program aims to collaborate with expert breeders to enhance the sport of pigeon racing and create an environment that fosters learning and continuous improvement.


Information shared between Carranza Loft and the co-breeders in the Program should be treated as confidential and should not be disclosed without the explicit consent of both parties involved.

Review of Application

By submitting your application, you acknowledge and accept that Carranza Loft has the right to review and evaluate your application based on our internal criteria. Not all applications will result in participation in the Program.

By submitting the Co-Breeder form, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and look forward to the possibility of a fruitful partnership with Carranza Loft.

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