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The Scientific Approach - Enhancing Breeding Decisions for Genetic Improvement

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

At Carranza Loft, we believe that integrating a scientific approach alongside our traditional methods takes our breeding program to new heights. Through advanced genetic testing and analysis, we make informed decisions to improve our pigeon genetics and elevate the overall quality of our breeders.

Genetic testing allows us to delve deeper into the genetic makeup of our pigeons. By examining specific genetic markers associated with superior racing performance, such as CRY-1, DRD4-954, DRD4-456, LDHA, F-KER, MSTN, and other genotypes, we gain valuable insights into their potential as breeders. These genetic markers have been scientifically linked to enhanced racing abilities, and their presence in our pigeons can indicate the potential for superior performance in future generations.

In addition to the individual genetic markers, we also consider the overall genetic diversity within our breeding stock. Maintaining a diverse gene pool is vital to the long-term health and success of our pigeon lines. Through genetic analysis, we can identify areas where our genetic diversity may be lacking and strategically introduce new bloodlines to ensure the continued improvement of our stock.

By combining the knowledge gained from genetic testing with our observations of phenotypes and performance, we can make more accurate and effective breeding decisions. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify the pigeons that possess both the desired genetic traits and the phenotypic qualities necessary for success in racing.

It's important to note that the scientific approach is not intended to replace tradition or intuition, but rather to augment and refine our decision-making process. While tradition and phenotype observation provide valuable insights, genetic testing adds an additional layer of precision and certainty.

At Carranza Loft, we are dedicated to continually advancing our breeding program through the integration of scientific advancements. By embracing the scientific approach, we strive to produce pigeons with exceptional genetic potential, enabling our customers to elevate their own breeding programs and achieve success in the world of one loft races and competitive pigeon racing.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we remain committed to the values of transparency and integrity. We believe in sharing the knowledge and insights we gain through scientific analysis, contributing to the collective understanding of breeding strategies and genetic improvement within the pigeon racing community.


To learn more about the specific genetic markers we examine, click on the following links: CRY-1, DRD4-954, DRD4-456, LDHA, F-KER, and MSTN.

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