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Welcome to
Carranza Loft

Breeding Champions, Building Relationships


The Carranza family has always been passionate about sports and nature. But when they discovered the world of racing pigeons, their passion became an obsession. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to breeding pigeons to compete at a high level.

The Carranza family takes great pride in their work, and they are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in racing pigeon breeding. They carefully select and breed pigeons with winning genetics, paying close attention to the birds' health, nutrition, and overall well-being. The loft has state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious aviaries, high-quality feed, and a sophisticated ventilation system.

At Carranza Loft, the family's focus is not just on selling pigeons, but on enjoying the sport with their customers. They created a unique collaboration package that allows their customers to be actively involved in the competition, with the opportunity to win while enjoying the sport.

Felipe Carranza

"Racing pigeons have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I'm proud to pass on my passion to my son and continue our family's tradition of breeding the finest racing pigeons. But what's most important to me is the community we've built around the sport - working together, supporting each other, and enjoying the thrill of racing pigeons together."


Hugo Carranza

"Here at Carranza Loft, we want our customers to enjoy and be successful in this sport, so we think of a collaborative approach that promotes the experience and success of our customers. It is a pleasure to support those interested in our pigeons. Instead of simply selling them, I like to collaborate and enjoy this sport together."


At Carranza Loft, we aim to provide an enriching experience in the sport of racing pigeons, promoting our customers' success through a collaborative approach. We strive to work together and enjoy the sport together, rather than just focusing on the simple sale of pigeons.

Quality Criteria



We honor the time-tested methods of pigeon selection, paying attention to performance, lineage, and physical characteristics that signify strong breeders.



Through genetic testing, we refine decisions by targeting key racing performance markers that have been associated with better racing performance. 



We highly value customer and co-breeder feedback. Their experiences with our pigeons provide key measures of quality, guiding our continuous improvement.

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